What is it?

Deeep.Space Is A Cross Platform 2D Multiplayer Sci-Fi Game With Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter, we want to make the game:

Skins & Items

While Playing, You Can Find Items Like Skins, Custom Shots, Thuster, Animations an much more!

Game Mods

Competitive, PvE Missions, Ranked Session, King of the Hill and more Gamemodes will be implemented


Create And Join Ingame Communities To Have Epic Teamfights, Community Wars, PvE Flood Missions And Other Gamemodes. Be The Best Community In The Whole Galaxy.

Cross Platform

With Our Own Engine And Modern Web Technology, We Can Create Apps For Every Mobile And Desktop Platform, With A Cross Platform Multiplayer

Self Hosted Server

Do You Wand To Make You Own Server With Your Own Mods? No Problem. There Are Over 65 Server Options And Soon The A Mod Support

Custom Addons

Write Your Own Addons For Your Deeep.Space Server Or The Client. We Want To Create An Workshop, So Server Owmers And Players Can Add There Addons To Their Games


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Fun facts

Some fun facts about our game.




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Code Lines

" The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step "


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We have different screenshots, videos and pictures direct from our labs


Ships & Skins

Current Skins and Ships

Our Team

Working On Our Dream!

  • Student of Applied Computer Science in Germany
    Leader and Founder of the Community

    Philipp Fanta - Vinlow
  • Graphic Designer and passionated Gamer with over 8 years experience

    Jonas Bohrer - Der Gothic
  • Hobby Designer and Social Media Enthusiast in charge of our social media platforms

    Sarah Harig - Tiegrera

Our Goals

The Road Ahead


We want to offer every player a big amount of different game modes and customisation to create a exciting and long lasting experience. Play alone, with some friends or even with a whole community. With items and other mods for the players, you can skin your own ship.

Our Road for the Gamers:

  • Diffrent Ships
  • Ship Customisation
  • Items & Loot
  • Marketplace
  • Communities
  • Game Modes

Server Hosters

Each Server Hoster should get the possibility to customise his own system. With over 65 settings and a workshop, hosters can create their own world for them and his users Also, it will be possible to buy server time, so you can have your own server without hosting it on your own system.

Our Road for the Hosters:

  • Self Hosting
  • Buying Servertime
  • Big Amount of Settings
  • Server Side Addons
  • Workshops


Developers are very important to us. We want to create a framework so every developer can create their server or client mods. With modern technology, the possibilites are endless. Create your own mods and make your ideas come true.

Our Road for the Developers:

  • Server & Clients Framework
  • Developer Workshop
  • Up To Date Documentations
  • Angular 2 Frontend
  • Javascript - Typescript Support

Pledges On Kickstarter

Comming Soon

Our Roadmap

The Timeline Of The Deeep.Space Project

  • The Journey Begins

    Deeep.Space started as an idea, with out graphics with flying circles and dots
  • The Game

    Jonas got involved and developed awesome artworks and ingame graphics. Based on his ships, the proof of concept growed to a stand alone game
  • The Exoshere Engine

    With new team members, better knowlege and great plans, we used our code to create our own multiplayer engine "Exosphere", named by the layer of earths atmosphere We created various of game clients for diffrent platforms to prove the concept of our cross platform multiplayer.
  • The Alpha

    With the members of the mytechzone community, we made a alpha phase, where we had daily tests with different systems and internet speeds.
  • Steam Greenlight

    We are going on Steam Greelight! We want to collect your feedback and your input to improve the experience of our public beta.
  • Kickstarter

    Now we ant to create a Kickstarter campaign to collect money for an improved development of the whole game. If we could achieve our goal on kickstarter, the possibilities of this project are endless! We implement our ideas, make the game customisable for every developer and easy to host for every community.
  • Our Dream Becomes Reality

    We did it! We have achived our goal on Kickstarter! Now we can expand the team and kick start the hole project into an new level. Stay tuned for weekly updates and news from our labs!

Join us now!

You have ideas? Questions? Contact us!

Thank you!

Be a part of our journey creating a custom, community based, cross platform, game free for everyone

Philipp Fanta

Postweg 37, Neckargemünd Germany